Common Tree Problems
Trees can develop many problems that could lead to a shorter life span. Some problems to look out for are:

• The existence of dead or dying tree trunks or branches, which could be caused by insects, infestations or disease.
• New construction surrounding trees.
• Signs of decomposition, cavities, cracks or splits in the limbs or the base of trees.
• Signs or presence of fungal fruiting bodies on trunks or branches.
• Trees or limbs that are too close to or hitting structures, roofs or eaves.
• Engorged or swollen areas at the base of the trunk.
We provide trees with preparation for hurricane season, and restoration should any damage occur.
You can take precautions to prevent damage to your property and trees by being aware of potential hazards such as:
• Cracks in the trunks of major limbs.
• Hollowed, aged, and decayed trees
• One-sided or significantly leaning trees
• Branches that hang over the roof
• Close proximity to utility lines
To avoid problems that these hazards may pose:
• Remove dead, diseased, and damaged limbs.
• Consider removing trees with large cavities of decay.
• Leaning trees may indicate a root problem; it is best to have them inspected.
• Branches that hang too close to structures or street should be pruned or removed.
• Branches that are too close to utility lines need to be pruned or removed.

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